Partner organizations

Photo4Future is a network collaboration between several academic institutions and companies. The following partner organizations are associated to Photo4Future:

Dr. Michael Oelgemoeller Dr. Michael Oelgemoeller – James Cook University
Michael Oelgemöller is a leading expert in green (solar) photochemistry and microflow photochemistry. He received his Diploma from the University of Münster in 1995 and his PhD from the University of Cologne in 1999. He was a researcher at the Inoue Photochirogenesis project in Osaka (1999-2001) and at Bayer CropScience Japan in Yuki (2001-2004).
From 2004-2008 he held a position as a Lecturer in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry at Dublin City University, Ireland. In February 2009 he joined James Cook University in Australia as an Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry.
Michael’s research activities include synthetic organic photochemistry, solar photochemistry, the development of new photochemical synthesis tools and photochemical water treatment. His current h-index (Scopus) is 24.

Dr. Kristian Rahbek Knudsen Dr. Kristian Rahbek Knudsen – Knudsen Scientific Consulting
Knudsen Scientific Consulting was founded in 2009 to provide consultancy on continuous processing and flow chemistry applications. We have been consulting for pharma companies globally specifically in Europe, Japan and Saudi Arabia. We have also had successful collaboration with academic institutions. Furthermore, we have involved in the development of commercial flow reactors.

Dr. Andrea Adamo Dr. Andrea Adamo – Zaiput Flow Technologies
Zaiput Flow Technologies is a start-up company launched to bring innovative tools for continuous flow chemistry to the market. Devoted to excellence, innovation and outstanding customer service, the company offers a wide variety of devices for cutting-edge applications.
Our first line of products are a microfluidic liquid-liquid separator for use in continuous flow and a back pressure regulator, developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Whether you work in academia or industry, if you work with continuous flow, we believe that our products will help to streamline your work, enable new approaches and allow you to harvest the power of continuous flow.

Dr. Kevin Huvaere Dr. Kevin Huvaere – EcoSynth
EcoSynth is a unique Contract Research Organization (CRO). We are able to provide chemical solutions for a wide range of industrial challenges within different industries (Life Sciences, Chemical, Food, Industrial Applications, Energy,…). We use our broad expertise in innovative and sustainable organic chemistry synthesis, custom synthesis, catalysis, flow chemistry and photochemistry to solve the customer’s problem.
Our Mission is to provide flexible, superior quality solutions in new molecule development and in process development for the life sciences and chemical industries. EcoSynth stands for R&D outsourcing with cutting edge ideas, in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner and with a clear focus on sustainable chemistry.

Dr. Alexander Schilling Dr. Alexander Schilling – Little Things Factory
As a leading supplier in the fields of fluidics and microreaction technology, the Little Things Factory develops and produces high-quality components and systems solutions in glass, quartz and glass-silicon composite materials for a variety of sectors. Typical applications in the fields of life science, chemistry and research and development are lab-on-chip products as well as microreactors of the kind required in the fields of diagnostics, medicine distribution and implantology or the manufacture of special chemicals.
The Little Things Factory has many years of expert knowledge in the design and application of optical, electronic and chemical functions within a wafer as the basis for microstructured processes. The company has thus become a sought-after partner for technology concerns, research institutions and universities alike.

Dr. Patrick Jean Dr. Patrick Jean – Corning
Corning is one of the world’s leading innovators in materials science. Corning Advanced-Flow™ reactors enable continuous flow reactions for the conversion of batch processes to continuous processes. Corning provides customers with cost-effective solutions, specialized engineering support and process expertise. Corning Advanced-Flow™ reactors are specially designed for the seamless transition from lab feasibility to multi-ton production of chemicals for the pharmaceutical, specialty and fine chemical industries. Corning reactors fit particularly well with chemical processes that involve highly exothermic reactions, superior mixing requirements, unstable intermediates, fast reaction kinetics, or hazardous chemicals. They can be especially advantageous to multiple phase systems including non-miscible, liquid, and gas feeds and suspensions. Corning reactor technologies increase yields, product quality, scalability and efficiency of chemical processing – all while reducing environmental impact, performance variability, and cost. Our specialized engineering team is well prepared to help design systems for a vast array of utilizations.