The use of visible light energy to induce chemical transformations constitutes an interesting and green activation mode of organic molecules. However, implementation of this energy source in organic synthetic methodologies and in the industrial production of fine chemicals has been challenging. The Photo4Future Innovative Training Network establishes a training network with five beneficiaries from academia and two beneficiaries from industry to tackle the challenges associated with photochemistry in a coherent and comprehensive fashion. In total 10 Early Stage Researchers will be recruited within the Photo4Future network. The network will provide them with opportunities to undertake research with the aim to overcome the current limitations towards the applicability and scalability of photochemical transformations. This will be achieved through a rational design of novel photocatalytic methodologies, improved catalytic systems and innovative photoreactors.

More specifically, the following topics will be pursued in Photo4Future:

  • Development of novel photocatalytic methodologies in continuous-flow reactors.
  • Development of new heterogeneous photocatalysts.
  • Development of new photomicroreactors.
  • Study of photocatalytic reaction mechanisms with in situ spectroscopy.
  • Study of scalability and transport phenomena of multiphase photocatalytic transformations.